Monday, March 30, 2009

“Woman's happiness begins with her first love and ends about then”

Last night I had a dream where everyone ended up with their first love/first boyfriend again. I am not going to mention names but I would be deliriously happy if I ended up with 'my frist boyfriend'. For a long time we didn't talk at all (I think he thought that I was still obsessed with him) but by the end of highschool we had become friends again. And let me tell you, I had GOOD TASTE when I was a kid! He's sweet and funny and brilliant and kind and....engaged.

Oh well....

"You know what the craziest thing is? I actually thought after everything I've been through, I might end up with my high school boyfriend. Yeah, I don't think my story's gonna get tied up like that." -Carrie Bradshaw


  1. Who do you think Miss Demarchi?
    Matthew Lynch.

  2. *sigh* if only I'd said yes to him instead of running screaming into the forest behind the blind school...I guess we'll never know what could have been.