Saturday, January 31, 2009

Awesome things #9, #10

Awesome thing #9: Waking up just before your alarm clock.

Awesome thing #10: Sleeping naked. (not that I have done this).

Friday, January 30, 2009

Awesome things #4, #5, #6, #7, #8

Awesome thing #4: Being fancy.

Awesome thing #5: Staying in gorgeous hotels just moments from your apartment...because you can.

Awesome thing #6: Big, giant beds with many, many pillows.

Awesome thing #7: Watching fireworks from your balcony.

Awesome thing #8: Giant bottles of Vitamin water.

Emily is...

There is always one girl at a party who spends her time taking pictures rather than talking to anyone. She demands photos with people that she never hangs out with so she can look 'popular', she takes pictures of people she doesn't even know and she captures moments that, in the morning, will mean nothing to her because she wasn't really paying attention to what was going on.

I must admit. I used to be that girl.

Not just necessarily at parties but at concerts and special events...I'd spend all my time trying to get that perfect shot instead of enjoying the experience. The really funny thing is that I was totally aware that I was doing it and I would always regret it later on. "Why did I take so many pictures?" "Did they sing (insert song title here)? I don't remember that?!"

This may seem like an odd digression but it was inspired by a quote that I found in a magazine the other day...

"...publicizing real time emotions makes you like that chick at a party who can't stop snapping photos. You're so busy documenting the present for other people or so you can reflect on it later so that you don't even register your own emotions. And you end up feeling numb or scattered instead."

The writer was talking about the danger of constantly updating your Facebook and Twitter status. Instead of experiencing feeling 'sad' you write on FB that you're sad and wait for people to ask you why or offer their sympathy. Instead of being present in a moment you document the moment so that everyone knows exactly what you're doing. i.e. Emily is...getting her car washed, making lunch, getting ready for work, going to the bathroom, plucking her eyebrows and putting on her shoes. The statements get more and more specific and more and more absurd and consequently, less and less interesting. It's like technological voyeurism.

Now, I am guilty of doing this (hell, even writing this blog could be considered technological voyeurism) however, I would like to take this moment to defend the chronic FB updater...some of us are not looking for attention or sympathy or interest or whatever...some of us are just bored, some of us really want to share thoughts, opinions and start real discussions.

However, as I said before, I am conscious of the fact that I am like that girl at the party, taking all the pictures, documenting the event so that others can see it or I can reflect on it later...and I'm not proud of it. I would love to live in the moment all the time. I would love to not be bound by technology and my need to share every tiny event that happens in my day. I would love to just have memories instead of fuzzy pictures of a band that I may or may not still like 2 months from now. I would love that...but I'm not sure how to go about it.

So, instead, I'll indulge in another venue of over-exposure and just update my blog instead.

Later kids!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey, look at me, I'm a cabbage. Good source of Riboflavin.

Make sure to check out this blog! They posted a new awesome thing...celebrities on Sesame Street!

My personal favorites are Feist, Neil Patrick Harris and Robert DeNiro!

I think I will start list of awesome things...

Awesome thing #1: Your parents learning how to use Skype!

Awesome thing#2: Your father continuously waving at you while talking to you on Skype (and repeating the phrase 'it's free!' incredulously)

Awesome thing#3: Your father picking up your bunny rabbit and holding him up in front of the video chat on Skype!

That's all for now...MANY more to come.

Goodnight kids.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss."

"Along the way you bump into people who make a dent on your life. Some people get struck by lightning. Some are born to sit by a river. Some have an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim the English Channel. Some know buttons. Some know Shakespeare. Some are mothers. And some people can dance. "
- - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I really just want to fill this blog with quotes from the movie I just saw...but I will try to actually write a bit as well.

Tonight I saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". I have been asking people to go and see that movie with me ever since it came out and finally tonight I saw it. Not only was it a beautiful film (great costumes, makeup, script, and acting) but it was thought provoking (sorry to my friend Colin who's exact words were 'i hate movies like this because they make you think and shit').

What do you do with the time you are given?
What would you do if you were forced to watch everyone in your life die around you?
Would it be worth it to experience live in reverse?

When Benjamin was asked what it was like to age in reverse he said:
"I'm always lookin' out my own eyes."

Meaning we only ever truly experience our own stories. You can never know what it's like to walk in someone elses shoes. And you can try your best to explain something...but you never really can. And therefore you can never really belittle someones expereinces or condescend to understand them. What you really need to do is listen. Be a friend. Or a lover. Just be there. Because the closest that you can come to understanding is knowing that you never will.

A few other things occoured to me as well while watching this movie.

  • The concept of time...time being lost (or gained). How we treat the time that is given to us. Do you take it for granted? Or try to make the most out of every single second? Most of the people that I know are somewhere in the middle of that. You make some days special. Whether it has special meaning (birthdays, anniversarys etc) or you just arbitrarily choose them (a sunday where you decided to go skydiving or tell someone you love them)...either way...I think there should be more of those days. More days that are lived to their fullest potential, more days that you will remember, more days that will change and improve you as a person, more days that will change and improve the world.
  • "It's a funny thing about comin' home. Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You'll realize what's changed is you. " I find this very true but so sad to consider that I'm not even sure I can elaborate. I desperatley wish that every time I went home it was just the same as when I left but I know it won't be. I know it can't be that way forever. I just wish. wish. wish. Appreciate your home and the fact that you're always welcome there.
  • "Benjamin, we're meant to lose the people we love. How else would we know how important they are to us?" I am not sure that I would have understood this if I had not recently lost someone close to me. It is so true that once someone is gone from your life you realize what a huge impact they made on it. Things you took for granted. Stories you'd heard a million times. Things they did that bugged you. Things they did that made you smile. All of that is gone. The good and the bad. Did you ever think of it that way?
  • "Everyone feels different about themselves one way or another, but we all goin' the same way." Not only was this an incredibly tender moment in the film but it is also a statement that rings with such truth. It is a statement that unifies us all. Black, white, young, old, here and gone....everyone feels differently about themselves but we are all, ultimately going to the same place...where ever that may be. Doesn't that give you a feeling that we're all on the same side?
  • "Daisy: Will you sleep with me?" "Benjamin: Absolutley." All I have to say is...I wish it was that easy.

Oh, and one more thing....did you know that I was struck by lightening 7 times?

Goodnight Benjamin. Goodnight Daisy.

Goodnight kids.

Friday, January 23, 2009

1000 Awesome Things!

Check out this blog! It is...well...awesome!

Here's one of my favorites!

#846 Sneaking McDonald’s and hiding the evidence

"Trouble bubbled at my friend Scott’s house the other night.

See, earlier in the week Scott found a used McDonald’s Chicken McNugget sauce container wedged between the car seat and the car door in the Honda Civic he shares with his wife. He dropped his keys in there, and when he slipped his hand down to fish them out, he came up with a sticky, crusty barbecue sauce container instead.

Yes, his wife Molly was caught grease-handed. In Scott’s mind their sturdy New Year’s pact to eat healthy suddenly dissolved into a dimly lit puddle of lies and deception.
Lucky for me, Scott decided to raise the issue on Monday night just before 24 started. Here’s how it all went down.

Scott: “Oh hey, I dropped my keys in that annoying spot between the car seat and the car door earlier today.”

Molly: (curious as to where this is going) “Okay … “

Scott: “Yeah, but when I went to pull it out, I found something else instead.”

Molly: (slightly confused) “O-kay … ?”

Scott: (raises eyebrows slowly and smiles)

Molly: (scrunches eyebrow and turns head in confusion)

Scott: “A McDonald’s barbecue sauce container!”

Molly: (guiltily) “Oh! Nooo … “

Then there was a tiny pause.

And then we all just burst out laughing.
Because seriously, we’ve all been there, man. Sneaking in those secret McDonald’s Drive-Thru trips and ditching the evidence. Yup, gotta make sure you’ve scooped all the fries off the bottom of the bag, wiped the salt off your lips, checked your shirt for ketchup spillage, and safely filed the excess napkins away in the glove compartment.

Just remember to roll down the windows, pay with cash, and play it safe out there."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I heart New York!

Watching the film "Enchanted" with my lovely roommate reminded me of how much I adore New York City.
And what better way to celebrate that love then hooking you up with some hilarious quotes from Overheard in New York. (

That's Some Sandwich

Mom to five-year-old son eating sandwich at a wake: Put that sandwich down! Your grandfather is dead and you're eating a sandwich!

Boy: [Spits out food and drops sandwich to floor] Is he alive now?


Can I Have a Little Childhood, Here?
A stray kitten wanders up to a little girl who bends down to pet it.

Mom: Come on, sweetie, it's time to cross the street.

Little girl, dismayed: But I'm petting the kitty.

Mom: Honey, we need to go. Say bye-bye, now.

Little girl: Goddammit, mommy, I'm petting the kitty!

--17th & 6th--

Retail Therapy Soothes Even the Most Troubled Upper East Side Soul

Upper-East-Side lady on cell: I know, but I was at a funeral all day...Yeah, it was sad, but I really didn't know him at all...This saddest thing was seeing his daughters upset. They're the same ages as--Wow! This shirt is only $19!! You can't even buy a freaking Frappuccino for $19! I'm getting it in blue.

--Banana Republic, 86th & 3rd

Conductor: Never give up on life. Keep hope alive. This is 30th Avenue.

--N train, Astoria

Orthodox Mormons Have All the Fun

Guy on cell: Hello?...What do you mean you have bad news?...You're pregnant? How could you be pregnant?...I thought you were on the Pill? How did this happen?!...I just got engaged to your sister on the 4th of July...This is really bad news...How long have you known?...A week?! Why did you wait a week to tell me?...Your sister is going to go through the roof...No, she doesn't come back until Monday...So, I'll see you tonight?...I told you, I just got engaged to your sister. You can't be pregnant...Okay, have a good afternoon.

He makes another call.

Guy on cell: Hey...You know Claire*?...Yeah, Lauren's* sister...Yeah, the hot one...Well, she's pregnant...Me!

--46th between 5th & 6th

A Lot of People Call Her Apartment the Harlem of the Upper East Side

Woman #1: Yeah, I tell ya, my baby's daddy has been the biggest jerk in the world lately.

Woman #2: Will you stop calling him that! He's your husband. You married him like 5 years ago.

--Au Bon Pain

Enjoy overhearing kids!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am so smart, I am so smart, S-M-R-T!

Today I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for my 'Oceanic Flight 815' party this evening. Got some cool stuff. Some palm trees, some cute little flowery umbrellas for the cupcakes I'm making (because cupcakes are AMAZING!) and some snack foods. I also purchased two 12-packs of Diet Coke.....which I then proceeded to LEAVE ON THE CART IN THE PARKING LOT OF WAL MART! Gah! And I only have two left! Well, one and a half.

Sometimes you're just not all there. *sigh*

Later kids!

P.S. Oh, and I also purchased a universal remote and AA batteries...but the remote does not take AA batteries, it takes AAA which is clearly labelled on the package. Awesome.

Even though this is an advertisement... should watch it anyways!

Later kids!

You guys really like saying fact a lot...

A few short things before bed...

  • Had a fabulous evening with some fabulous friends. It just takes a few (very strong drinks) and some flat breads to open up some very interesting conversations on circumcision, breast implants, sex, marriage, love and what have you.

  • I did an absolutley awful thing tonight. I made a 'Skype' date with my two best friends and TOTALLY flaked on them. I just plain forgot. I felt and feel awful. And then, to make me feel even worse, there was a supposed to be a surpise appearance by my lovely and dear friend Sean whom I haven't spoken with in months. When my three dear friends called me it was a bittersweet moment. I felt awful that I had forgotten about our date but it was INCREDIBLE to hear their voices. Those are my people. They know me. Everything I've been and everything I am. They have supported me throughout the most important years of my life and I love them.

*I hope they read this. I love you.*

Good night kids!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So much change...

"Navigating change succulenty means practicing flexibility, willingness
and focus no matter what is going on in the world, and then sharing that energy
with others. As our succulent energy is shared, the world changes. We are being
called to be our most succulent and creative selves."

An important thing is happening in the world today. 50 years ago it could never have happened. 4o years ago this could never have happened. 30, 20, even 10 years would have been a stretch. The United States of America has a new President, a black man.

This is a big deal.

And it's not just a big deal because of the colour of his skin. It would have been a big deal if it was a woman, or a blind man, or any other minority. It means that finally the interest of a minority is being represented.

Now, I must admit, I don't know a whole lot about American politics. However, what I do know is that it isn't right that American men and women should be dying in a war that has nothing to do with them. Moms and Dads, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives.

I also know that John McCain voted alongside President Bush on almost every single matter. So...does that mean I think Obama is better for America than John McCain? Well, I don't really know. I do know that he has done some questionable things already as President elect (his people told HBO not to air the prayer said by a gay Bishop at a ceremony before his inaguration).

When it's all said and done the only thing that we can really do is wait. Wait and see how he carries out the promises that he has made. Wait and see if he can deal with the pressure of having all eyes on him. Wait and see if, when faced with tragedy, he does the right thing.

However, I truly believe that what this country needs is change...and that's what they got. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

I have a secret to tell you...

Sorry. :'-(
Good night kids, sleep tight.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The first bird leaves the nest...

"The tiny little bird, the first out of the tree,

Looked round at his parents, then forward to see,

The new world was opened for him to reach,

By trying his wings, trying what they did teach."

Yesterday my big brother moved out of our childhood home...really moved out. In this day and age, when you are in your twenties and you move out it doesn't always stick.

You move into a dorm, you come home.

You move into a house with friends, you come home.

You move away to travel the world, you come home.

You always have a 'home' base. But this time, it's for good.

I suppose I am not as upset as I would be if I was living at home at the moment (you see, right now I am in the 'travel the world' phase) and watching him move out all of his belongings. When I do return home and I see his empty room I know that this will be painfully real for me.

My brother and I were like any brother and sister growing up. We fought. He pushed my buttons and I pushed his. Typical. However, as we moved into adulthood our relationship grew from just 'brother and sister' to friends. Best friends. His opinions on love, school, work, music, arts and politics all strongly influenced me. I sought his approval of every phase of my life.

And now he's gone. He moved to another country. And life will never be quite the same.

"Growing up is never easy. You hold onto things that were. You wonder what's to come. But that night, I think we knew we had to let go of what had been, and look ahead to what would be. Other days. New days. Days to come. The thing is, we didn't have to hate each other for getting older. We just had to forgive ourselves...for growing up."

-"The Wonder Years"

Just wanted to say....

"Goodnight room
Goodnight moon
Goodnight cow jumping over the moon
Goodnight light and the red balloon
Goodnight bears
Goodnight chairs
Goodnight kittens
And goodnight mittens
Goodnight clocks and goodnight socks
Goodnight little house and goodnight mouse
Goodnight comb and goodnight brush
Goodnight nobody, goodnight mush
And goodnight to the old lady whispering "hush"."

Goodnight cyberland. Sweet dreams.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vision Boards!!!

Doesn't this sound like a GREAT idea!?!

From Gala Darling's "Things I Love Thursday" post.

"Creating vision-boards — I have been meaning to do it for the past couple of days, I really need to go & buy a cork-board so I can start! But I keep getting really excited about it & dreaming about it, which is why it’s getting a mention! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, basically a vision board (or an inspiration board, or a dream sheet, or mood board, or any combination you like!) is a space you create where you pin up pictures, words, trinkets & anything else you find inspiring. Some people use them to remind them of the things they want to achieve, while others use them to aid them in creative projects or to help them keep looking forward. I can’t wait to make a new one! I think it will be my big weekend project. & if you want some inspiration to make your own, look at the Inspiration Boards group on Flickr!?"

  • Thanks again Gala!

Now I lay me down to sleep...

Sleep is improtant.

We all know that. When I was a teenager I could sleep until 1:00 PM on weekends and not feel a lick of guilt. Now, as I understand, most people grow out of that phase...I, however, never really have.

My bed is like a temple with pillows upon pillows, stuffed animals (yes, I am 25 years old, deal with it), heating pad, the quilt my best friend made me, jersey sheets and a comforter, always a comforter.

Today I bought a new air matress (the matresses in the Commons do NOT provide sufficent lumbar support). I didn't check the price on said matress and when I got to the checkout I discovered it was $90! $90!!! Are you kidding me? For a piece of vinyl I am going to fill up with air?

However, as I left the store, matress in hand (I was so stunned at the check out that I couldn't say 'no'.)I thought to much time do I spend sleeping a day? 6 hrs? 8 hrs? 10 hrs? (on a good day). And you do it everyday, right? Right. So why not spend a little extra cash, invest in yourself.

Just a thought...invest in yourself.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


About 45 minutes before I leave for's times like this that I miss Tim Hortons.

In Canada, every time I went anywhere I would stop at Tim Hortons first. An extra large tea with two milks and two sugars. Possibly also a Canadian Maple donut. A onion bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese (which means AWESOME breath for the rest of the day).

It is something that is second nature. It's a time built into all my days, built into all my routines...a stop at Tim Hortons is KEY to how my day goes.

Down here, unless I want to spend $5.00 on a Starbucks what-have-you, your S.O.L.

If America runs on Dunkin', Canada runs on Tim Hortons...and we get more miles to the gallon.

Music the icing on the cake of life.

All of this is worth a listen...

Some of this is incredibly popular and well known, some not so much. All of it is my idea of good music. Enjoy.

  • Vampire Weekend
  • Tchaikovsky
  • The Most Serene Republic
  • Relient K
  • The Postal Service
  • Ohbijou
  • The New Pornographers
  • Beethoven
  • Bach
  • Motzart
  • Motion City Soundtrack
  • .Moneen.
  • Stars
  • Mannheim Steamroller
  • M.I.A.
  • Kate Nash
  • Jason Mraz
  • Hanson
  • Glen Hansard
  • Fiest
  • Edith Piaff
  • Etta James
  • Death Cab for Cutie
  • Casey Baker
  • Britney Spears
  • Billie Holiday
  • Big D and the Kids Table
  • Ben Lee
  • Ben Folds
  • Adele
  • Lily Frost
  • Regina Spektor
  • Attack in Black
  • City and Colour
  • The Weakerthans


I am desperately seeking INSPIRATION.

But I feel so dry... so I look to others for help.

A few weeks ago I bought a new journal, I've been looking on the internet for 'inspiration'.
Pictures of people's tattoo's, reading blogs, discovering beautiful things.
I spent my days off putting up fairy lights, painting my toe nails BRIGHT PINK, napping and day dreaming. Perhaps this environment just isn't condusive to journal writing and figuring out your life. However, despite how dry and flat I feel...I did see some beautiful things.

My main inspiration over the past week has become a blogger named GALA DARLING! She is an adorable gal from Austrailia (who currently resides in NYC) who puts her 2 cents in about love, art, fashion and so much more. For the past few days I have immersed myself in her world, trying desperatley to find something that would open me back up again and "unlock my <3". This website inspired me to look at the internet as a place to find joy, openness, beauty, support and, of course, the inspiration that I so desperatley seek.

And so...begins this journey...I am going to let it lead me somewhere both scary and sparkly.