Friday, May 1, 2009

"Waste everything except time. Time is your most valuable commodity."

I have always found it very difficult to balance groups of friends. I've had some pretty amazing experiences in my life (so far) and often some pretty amazing friends come out of those experiences. However, when you've moved on from one experience to the next and those friends come do you deal with them? They're from a different time and place when you were a different person and perhaps that means that they are not the best fit any longer.
People you once loved fiercely seem mismatched to who you have become...the grown-up version of the girl that they shared an adventure with years ago. And what do you do when this happens? You have shared some very intense experiences with these people, you have been through joy and heart break with them, you have stood by them when they have been wronged and they have done the same for're grateful...but unsure how to proceed. I am unsure how to proceed.
The best I can do is be grateful for the friendship we had and what we experienced together. I hope that somewhere down the line we will fit together again.
Until then, friend...until then.

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