Thursday, May 7, 2009

"When it's three o' clock in New York, it's still 1938 in London."

The reasons that I love New York are as varied as the city itself.
The city is constantly alive with action and wonder, no matter what the season.

The neighbourhoods are microcausms of the world.
Moving at their own pace, living by their own rules,
not caring what anyone else thinks and yet they all seem
to be catering to the needs of the millions of visitors.
to their fair city.

The people are unpredictable, varied, beautiful, preoccupied,
diverse, passionate and entertaining.
The people make the city.

Each street is a combination of grit and whimsy.
You see things that are disturbing, powerful, frightening and inpsiring.
Every day is a surprise, a gift and a challenge.

As cliche as it sounds, there is truly something for everyone in this town.
One of a kind shops, world class dining, literature, museums
(both for the art lover and the art hater), music, theatre,
sports, people watching, nature, science, history, media...
everything you would ever need on one tiny island.


  1. sounds like you had a fun trip!

    and btw, for future reference, it's "microcosm". :p

    and on an only-somewhat-related note, please PLEASE don't tell me that you're being swindled into shelling out $12 for gala's ridiculous podcast. i like her and all, but $12 for an hour of audio content that people will probably only listen to once is fucking insane. i can't help but feeling she's preying on her fans' willingness to devour anything she has to offer.

  2. oops! i forgot to mention... it's "only-somewhat-related" right now because if i'm not mistaken, gala's living in new york right now.

  3. er, and also, remove that first "right now"... dammit!!

  4. NYC was great.
    Don't worry I didn't pay for Gala's podcast...I can't imagine paying $12 for someone talking (even if they do have a nice accent).