Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Oh my god! We're gonna die and I'm wearing my mothers underwear!"

Even though it is an absolutely horrible movie...
I will always love 'Grease 2'. The horrible songs ("Reproduction", "Cool Rider", "Calendar Girl" and "Bowl Tonight"), the teen angst, the incredibly bad acting and classic lines ("He jumped over a cop car at the bowl-a-rama. And that was a REALLY BIG JUMP!"). All of these things put together make a sequel that most die hard fans totally despised but, for some reason, I absoltuley loved it!

P.S. For anyone who has seen the movie one of my favorite parts is during the talent show when the Pink Ladies are singing "Calendar Girls" when Stephanie (Michelle Pfeiffer) zones out and the star she is wearing on her head flies off into the distance...and then there is this absolutley horrible dream sequence with a pile of motorcycle parts painted white so it looks like heaven...."Oh, it all seems so unfair, just when I found you I lost you..." then it fades back to reality and she is singing all by herself in front of the auditorium full of people and everyone gets up and smiles thinking it was all planned. B Movie GENIUS!

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