Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You guys really like saying fact a lot...

A few short things before bed...

  • Had a fabulous evening with some fabulous friends. It just takes a few (very strong drinks) and some flat breads to open up some very interesting conversations on circumcision, breast implants, sex, marriage, love and what have you.

  • I did an absolutley awful thing tonight. I made a 'Skype' date with my two best friends and TOTALLY flaked on them. I just plain forgot. I felt and feel awful. And then, to make me feel even worse, there was a supposed to be a surpise appearance by my lovely and dear friend Sean whom I haven't spoken with in months. When my three dear friends called me it was a bittersweet moment. I felt awful that I had forgotten about our date but it was INCREDIBLE to hear their voices. Those are my people. They know me. Everything I've been and everything I am. They have supported me throughout the most important years of my life and I love them.

*I hope they read this. I love you.*

Good night kids!


  1. happy to hear you had a wonderful night!
    it was great to hear your voice too!
    i ain't even mad at ya for forgetting about us.
    we love you!

  2. it's totally because mom couldn't find you that planner you wanted for christmas. the one she gave you (that i think was gonna be mine until i asked for my mole-es-skin planner?) is clearly inferior.