Sunday, January 18, 2009

Now I lay me down to sleep...

Sleep is improtant.

We all know that. When I was a teenager I could sleep until 1:00 PM on weekends and not feel a lick of guilt. Now, as I understand, most people grow out of that phase...I, however, never really have.

My bed is like a temple with pillows upon pillows, stuffed animals (yes, I am 25 years old, deal with it), heating pad, the quilt my best friend made me, jersey sheets and a comforter, always a comforter.

Today I bought a new air matress (the matresses in the Commons do NOT provide sufficent lumbar support). I didn't check the price on said matress and when I got to the checkout I discovered it was $90! $90!!! Are you kidding me? For a piece of vinyl I am going to fill up with air?

However, as I left the store, matress in hand (I was so stunned at the check out that I couldn't say 'no'.)I thought to much time do I spend sleeping a day? 6 hrs? 8 hrs? 10 hrs? (on a good day). And you do it everyday, right? Right. So why not spend a little extra cash, invest in yourself.

Just a thought...invest in yourself.

1 comment:

  1. you spent $90 on an air mattress!?? wtf!? you're like, halfway to a real mattress for that price!

    and i'm still pretty sure you have permanent mono, and that's why you sleep so damn much.