Thursday, January 22, 2009

I heart New York!

Watching the film "Enchanted" with my lovely roommate reminded me of how much I adore New York City.
And what better way to celebrate that love then hooking you up with some hilarious quotes from Overheard in New York. (

That's Some Sandwich

Mom to five-year-old son eating sandwich at a wake: Put that sandwich down! Your grandfather is dead and you're eating a sandwich!

Boy: [Spits out food and drops sandwich to floor] Is he alive now?


Can I Have a Little Childhood, Here?
A stray kitten wanders up to a little girl who bends down to pet it.

Mom: Come on, sweetie, it's time to cross the street.

Little girl, dismayed: But I'm petting the kitty.

Mom: Honey, we need to go. Say bye-bye, now.

Little girl: Goddammit, mommy, I'm petting the kitty!

--17th & 6th--

Retail Therapy Soothes Even the Most Troubled Upper East Side Soul

Upper-East-Side lady on cell: I know, but I was at a funeral all day...Yeah, it was sad, but I really didn't know him at all...This saddest thing was seeing his daughters upset. They're the same ages as--Wow! This shirt is only $19!! You can't even buy a freaking Frappuccino for $19! I'm getting it in blue.

--Banana Republic, 86th & 3rd

Conductor: Never give up on life. Keep hope alive. This is 30th Avenue.

--N train, Astoria

Orthodox Mormons Have All the Fun

Guy on cell: Hello?...What do you mean you have bad news?...You're pregnant? How could you be pregnant?...I thought you were on the Pill? How did this happen?!...I just got engaged to your sister on the 4th of July...This is really bad news...How long have you known?...A week?! Why did you wait a week to tell me?...Your sister is going to go through the roof...No, she doesn't come back until Monday...So, I'll see you tonight?...I told you, I just got engaged to your sister. You can't be pregnant...Okay, have a good afternoon.

He makes another call.

Guy on cell: Hey...You know Claire*?...Yeah, Lauren's* sister...Yeah, the hot one...Well, she's pregnant...Me!

--46th between 5th & 6th

A Lot of People Call Her Apartment the Harlem of the Upper East Side

Woman #1: Yeah, I tell ya, my baby's daddy has been the biggest jerk in the world lately.

Woman #2: Will you stop calling him that! He's your husband. You married him like 5 years ago.

--Au Bon Pain

Enjoy overhearing kids!

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