Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am desperately seeking INSPIRATION.

But I feel so dry... so I look to others for help.

A few weeks ago I bought a new journal, I've been looking on the internet for 'inspiration'.
Pictures of people's tattoo's, reading blogs, discovering beautiful things.
I spent my days off putting up fairy lights, painting my toe nails BRIGHT PINK, napping and day dreaming. Perhaps this environment just isn't condusive to journal writing and figuring out your life. However, despite how dry and flat I feel...I did see some beautiful things.

My main inspiration over the past week has become a blogger named GALA DARLING! She is an adorable gal from Austrailia (who currently resides in NYC) who puts her 2 cents in about love, art, fashion and so much more. For the past few days I have immersed myself in her world, trying desperatley to find something that would open me back up again and "unlock my <3". This website inspired me to look at the internet as a place to find joy, openness, beauty, support and, of course, the inspiration that I so desperatley seek.

And so...begins this journey...I am going to let it lead me somewhere both scary and sparkly.

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  1. ha! i got you hooked! i figured you'd like gala's "blog". (god damn i hate that word)