Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So, so, so accurate!

I just did this quiz...

and it was INCREDIBLY accurate!

It stated that I was a Realist:

"You love getting creative but you don't like the chaos that sometimes comes with artsy pursuits. You're a deep thinker with a strong conceptual grounding to whatever it is that you do-and so you feel most comfortable if you can express yourself within an ordered structure. You are probably quite a realist at heart and your creativity tends to be rooted in this pragmatic view of the world.

Bright lights and red velvet. You really enjoy conjuring a true sense of occasion, highbrow and high emotion. "

It also said that "your strenght lies in your ability to capture your own thoughts and in turn capture the minds of others."

It is all SO true!

Check out one of their quizzes for a super accurate picture of yourself!
Later kids!

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  1. i love the youniverse.com site!
    thanks for letting me know about it!