Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Well internets..."

As I currently have no life and I am basically spending every waking moment on the 'internets' I have stumbled across a delightful little nugget called 'sxephil'.
Basically my perfect man, 'sxephil' or Phillip DeFranco, is a young man with his own youtube channel on which he posts a show each day discussing politics, media, celebrities and the worlds most rediculous news stories.
However, when researching 'sxephil' for this post I discovered that this poor kid is not particularily popular with his internet collegues. Most of the websites that I found described him as a douche bag and 'Dane Cook wanna be'. I think that it is extremely unfortunate that, while attempting to educate the masses, this kid must deal with people who have nothing else to do but criticize.
But I digress...if you're interested, look up Phillip DeFranco on youtube.com

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