Thursday, July 16, 2009

Things I Love...A through Zed (not Zee..Zed!)

A is for...the Ace of Cakes with my future husband, Duff Goldman. I don't care if he is Jewish. I would convert.

C is for...Chandeliers, Canada, Cupcakes.

D is for...Disney World. C'mon now. What else would it be? (Although 'dogs' came a close second).

E is for...Erin, my best friend since forever!

F is family is amazing.

G is for...gardening. When I was a kid I used to wake up early on Saturdays not to watch cartoons but to watch gardening shows. And I asked for a pond for my 13th birthday. I was a weird kid.

H is for...Harry Potter. All the books, all the movies, all the culture. Everything about it.

I is for...The I-75. It either means I am going to Disney World or I am coming home after a year of working there...both GREAT things!

J is for...Johnny Depp. He is handsome and brilliant and well spoken.

K is for...kissing. 'Nuff said.

L is for..."Lost". Best. Show. Ever.

M is Duh.

N is Nana. Pretty much the most amazing person on the planet.

O is for...old journals. Reading your old journals is one of the most enlightening, embaressing, hilarious and frustrating thing in the world.

P is for...Port Dover. A beautiful town on the shores of Lake Erie.

Q is for...quiet time. Sometimes I really like to be alone and read a book and listen to some music. That is why I am so excited to be moving into my own one bedroom apartment in a month.

R is for...Roger, my bunny rabbit. Get it? Roger Rabbit?
S is for...Sara, my other best friend. Basically the most thoughtful person on the planet.

T is for...Tim Hortons. Especially after living in the United States for a year and not being able to get it!

U is for...underwear. More specifically cute underwear.

V is for...Victoria and Alberts. A very swanky restaurant in the Grand Floridian Resort at Disney World. Worth every single dollar of your $150.
W is for...The Weakerthans. My favorite band...ever.

X is for..."xoxo" at the end of all of my text messages, cards, letters and e-mails.
Y is for..."You've Got Mail"'s a sappy romantic comedy but I love it.

Z is for...being back in a country where people pronounce this properly. It's Zed, not Zee, ZED!

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  1. ........ um, canada uses "zed"... the u.s. uses "zee". you definitely have it backwards. both in the title and the list. fail!