Sunday, January 17, 2010

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"

Today I was at the gym on the treadmill watching a program called "Party Mama's" on Slice. The premise of this show is that it "follows outgoing mothers as they plan over-the-top extravaganza parties for their children. Gone are the days of pin the tail on the donkey and pizza parties, now it’s time to supersize these events. Party Mamas is a jam-packed, nerve-filled, triple-latte-paced ride through the lives of outrageous and energetic mothers who pull out all the stops to throw “the best party ever for their little darlings.” This is a series where “too big” and “too much” are considered a plus."


It is a disgusting program which makes me question the validity of my current field of study. Is this all it is going to be? Planning parties for over inflated trophy wives? However, this episode was EXTRA special because it featured my small town of Brantford, Ontario and a "Party Mama" named Tracey. Not only did the episode feature stunning vistas of our beautiful town (please note sarcasm) it also featured Mayor Mike Hancock giving the woman an award of recognition in our City Hall.

I am HORRIFIED that our Mayor agreed to be a part of this revolting show and perpetuated this RIDICULOUS charade. Clearly most of the show was set up for the purpose of making 'good television'-from the moment she fired the first party planner, to forcing her poor uncoordinated daughter to take dance lessons for her 'grand entrance' and the crocodile tears as mother and daughter reconciled just in time for the party. However the mayors involvement lends validity (albeit, only a small amount) to all of this and shows our community as a place where this sort of behaviour is not only tolerated but REWARDED!

You should be ashamed of yourself Mayor Hancock. What you did was not in the best interest of our city nor was it in your best interest. You have portrayed our city as one filled with insane, unrealistic, unfeeling parents who do not give a shit about the welfare of their children. Speaking of which, the Party Mama "Tracey" (who claims that she 'runs the town' and yet I've never heard of her or her organization) should also be ashamed of herself. Even if everything she did was just for show and there was no harm to her daughter, she has harmed the integrity of our city.

It is not often that I feel to need to stand up for my community. For a long time I made jokes about our failing downtown and the painted store-fronts along with everyone else. However, over the last few years Brantford has been pulling up it's boot straps and making changes...I just hope this doesn't set us back.

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  1. Don't let stupid shows like this one make you question the value of your studies. Let it be motivation for you to choose projects that will help people and make good people happy. I know that in your heart you won't be able to do anything that you don't truly believe in!