Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Well done is better than well said." Benjamin Franklin

Here's a scenario: You are at the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon and having trouble with your debit card. You have a cart full of groceries and no cash. What do you do? You look over at the next line and you see your regular BMO teller paying for his or her groceries. You say, "Hey Bob. I'm havin' some issues with my bank card over here". Bob comes over to the till, tries to fix the problem but can't...Bob then and offers you $60 from his own pocket?!?! "Oh Bob, that's not necessary" and yet he insists. The result: you can now purchase your groceries (while only being minimally embarrassed) and you feel great about banking with BMO.
According to BMO policy, employees of the bank are encouraged to reach into their wallets and offer money to customers who are encountering problems. The bank employees are then reimbursed and the money is withdrawn from the customers account.
Genius or insanity?
Are they asking to much from of their employees?

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