Monday, October 19, 2009

"Many hands make light work."

What is your role within a team? A group? A committee?
How do you operate? What are your natural tendency?
According to Belbin, there are three orientations in each group and within those orientations there are three clusters of behaviour.
First there are Action Oriented Roles
  1. The Shaper: This person is challenging, dynamic and thrives on pressure however they also sometimes steamroll others ideas.
  2. The Implementer: This person is disciplined, reliable and efficient however they can also be conservative and inflexible.
  3. The Complete Finisher: This person is always on time and searches out errors however they can also be anxious, critical and they will not delegate tasks.

Then there are People-Oriented Roles

  1. The Coordinator: This person is mature, confident and keeps order however they can seem manipulative.
  2. The Teamworker: This person is mild, diplomatic and a good listener however they can also be indecisive and they avoid confrontation.
  3. The Resource Investigator: This person is extroverted, enthusiastic however they can be bored easily.

And finally, the Cerebral Roles

  1. The Plant: This person is creative, unorthadox and solves problems however they also tend to ignore reality.
  2. The Monitor Evaluator: This person is sobering and strategic however they also lack drive and do not motivate well.
  3. The Specialist: This person is single-minded, dedicated and have vital knowledge and skills however they can also have a very narrow focus and offer limited contributions.

In different situations you will play different roles depending on the strenghts and weaknesses of the other members of your group.

Look at all of these roles? Where do you see yourself? Where have you been in the past? Where would you LIKE to be?

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